Vamik’s Room

Vamik’s Room

- By David Fromm




IDI Founder Dr. Vamik Volkan’s central psychoanalytic ideas and philosophy are movingly presented in Vamik’s Room, a cinematic masterwork of tone and concept from psychoanalyst and filmmaker Dr. Molly Castelloe.  The film won the Sidney Halpern Award “for furthering the discipline of Psychohistory through the medium of documentary film.”

NYU Professor Robert Stam, author of “Subversive Pleasures: Bakhtin, Cultural Criticism and Film“, called it

An enthralling portrait of a remarkable humanitarian who deploys a cosmopolitan psychoanalysis to give new language and cure to the quintessential ailment of our time – the alchemical role of individual, ethnic, and national narcissism in fostering hatred and sectarian violence.

Vamik’s Room is currently on submission to international film festivals.

UPDATE: Vamik’s Room has won the 2016 Gradiva Award in film.  Congratulations to Director Molly Castelloe and all involved.


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  1. ines84

    Where can one see this documentary? It used to be available on vimeo but that video is now private.

    • mm

      David Fromm

      Thank you for your inquiry. Vamik’s Room is currently on submission to international film festivals and not publicly available during that process. The original post has been edited accordingly.

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