Hiba Husseini | Fellow

Hiba Husseini | Fellow

Ms. Husseini is the managing Partner at the Law Firm of Husseini and Husseini.  Under her management, the Firm serves a large domestic and international client base on a wide range of business matters.  Prior to returning to Palestine in 1994, she practiced law in Washington, DC.

Ms. Husseini chairs the Legal Committee to Final Status Negotiations between the Palestinians and Israelis. She has served as legal advisor to the peace process negotiations since 1994.  She is a member of a number of local, regional and international working groups on the peace process, especially the trade and economic relations and the status of Jerusalem.  Ms. Husseini participates in various meetings that seek to interject innovative thinking to the hard and complex issues involved in the peace process.

She serves on the boards of various educational, professional, cultural, business, and non-profit organizations.  She is a member of the Palestinian Bar Association’s International Committee.   She served as the Vice Chair of the Palestine Securities Exchange from 1998- 2005. She is a founding member of Al-Mustakbal Foundation, a non-partisan organization aimed at promoting economic development and rule of law in Palestine.

She has lectured in Palestine and abroad and participated in a large number of local and international conferences both on the peace process and professionally.  She has written widely on the peace process, business law, rule of law and economic development.


Ms. Husseini holds a Juris Doctor from Georgetown University (1992), MA in Political Science from the George Washington University (1986), MSc in Corporate Finance from the University of Sorbonne (2002), BA in Political Science from the University of Tennessee (1982).  She speaks three languages.