Farrokh Negahdar | Fellow

Farrokh Negahdar | Fellow

Farrokh Negahdar, 1946, born in a middle class civil servant family, an activist and thereafter a leader of Iranian student movement during the 60s. He was held in prison for about 10 years, (1968-1978). He was convicted because of his role in student movement and also because of his membership in the founder group of Fadaian Organisation. Farrokh Negahdar rejoined to Fadaian after his release from prison and soon after was was recognised as the leader of the whole movement. He was formally elected as the leader of the Organisation of Iranian People’s Fadaian (Majority), OIPFM, www.fadai.org, in May 1982 and held the position until August 1990. He is living abroad, in exile, since May 1983. He is married to Saba and has got one son, 29. Farrokh Negahdar is a well-known left politician and influential political activist and theorist, who has got interests in the area of decision science, policy process and policy analysis. A selection of his works, which covers the period of 1990-1997, is published in ‘Democracy for Iran’ (1997) (http://www.iran-emrooz.net). Farrokh Negahdar is one of the most credible and demanded political analysts on Iranian domestic and foreign politics and policies. Farrokh Negahdar is graduated form the University of London. He is awarded BSc in Economics and Politics and two masters, in Public Policy and Education. His dissertation is about the invention of models of Policy Analysis by employment of the basic concepts of microeconomics, as metaphors, in the area of policy making and policy analysis. Farrokh Negahdar is among the founders of the United Republicans of Iran, www.jomhouri.com, a broad-church, non-monarchist, non-islamist alliance of freedom lovers of Iran. An archive of his works, from the threshold of the Iranian Revolution 1979, up to date can be found in his personal Persian website, www.negahdar.net