Coline Covington | Fellow

Coline Covington | Fellow

Coline Covington has worked as a Jungian analyst in private practice for over twenty years in London. Born in the United States, Coline came to England after receiving her B.A. in political theory from Princeton University. She went on to do an M.Phil. in criminology at Cambridge University and a Ph.D. in sociology at LSE. She worked for many years as a consultant to local government agencies throughout the UK in setting up programmes for young offenders as alternatives to prison. In conjunction with the Metropolitan Police, Coline set up the first mediation scheme between victims and offenders in the United Kingdom.

Coline is former chair of the British Psychoanalytic Council, an association of member institutions representing psychoanalytic psychotherapy training organizations within the UK. She is a Training Analyst of the Society of Analytical Psychology and the British Psychotherapy Foundation. She is also former Editor of the international Journal of Analytical Psychology.

Coline’s publications include Terrorism and War: Unconscious Dynamics of Political Violence, with an Introduction by Lord Alderdice (Karnac, 2002); Sabina Spielrein: Forgotten Pioneer of Psychoanalysis (Routledge, 2003); Shrinking the News: Headline Stories on the Couch (Karnac, 2013); Sabina Spielrein: Forgotten Pioneer of Psychoanalysis, 2nd Edition (Routledge, forthcoming); and Everyday Evils: A Psychoanalytic View of Evil and Morality (Routledge, forthcoming). Coline is a columnist for the online newspaper The Week (

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