Abdülkadir Çevik | Fellow

Abdülkadir Çevik | Fellow

Abdülkadir Çevik, M.D.Hfacopsa, is a professor and chairperson of psychiatry at Ankara University Medical School. Çevik served as an advisor to the Turkish Prime Minister during 1992-1997 and has been an instructor at the Turkish Foreign Ministry, Turkish Police Directorate General Headquarters, Defense Institute at the Turkish Military College. Cevik, was the director of the Political Psychology Center (1992-1997). He established the Turkish Psychopolitical Association in 2006. He is currently the director of the Ankara University Center for the Study and Research of Political Psychology. Çevik has given many conferences in the medical field as well as in political psychology. Çevik is the author of two books and various articles, he is a frequent lecturer at the NATO COE-DAT in Ankara.