IDI Fellow Sasha Obolonsky Releases New Book

IDI Fellow Sasha Obolonsky Releases New Book

- By David Fromm

IDI Fellow Dr. Alexander Obolonsky releases his latest book, entitled “The Ethics of the Public Arena and Realities of Political Life.”

Professor Obolonsky’s book is devoted to one of the most critical and painful problems of contemporary Russian society – dramatic distortions of political and public morality. He analyses basic theoretical and comparative points of political life through the “lenses” of public ethics and values. He gives a wide range of examples from Russian, American, British, Canadian, and West European experience in politics, administration, journalism, mass political protests and other aspects of public life. The book also contains а review of research in the field of public ethics and ethical codes for politicians and public servants on the named countries.

Interested readers are invited to contact Dr. Obolonsky via this website or via email at

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