Friends of IDI

Austen Riggs Center

The Austen Riggs Center is a small, not-for-profit, open psychiatric continuum of care specializing in the psychotherapeutic treatment of psychiatric disorders. Internationally known for its respectful work with emotionally troubled individuals who have failed to benefit from previous treatment, Riggs is located in the small town of Stockbridge, Massachusetts, on Norman Rockwell’s Main Street.

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Erikson Institute

The Erikson Institute is the education, research and application arm of Austen Riggs. Its mission is to promote education and research in psychodynamic thought and treatment, to generate knowledge at the boundary with related disciplines, and to bring a clinically informed, psychosocial perspective to societal problems. The Institute meets these goals through a range of programs, including a Fellowship, an Erikson scholar-in-residence program and participation in the IDI.

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Turkish Political Psychology Association (PPD)

The Turkish Political Psychology Association was established by Prof. Abdülkadir Çevik and IDI member Gunduz Aktan (d. 2008) in 2006 where the IDI co-chairperson Dr. Volkan is the honorary president. The Turkish Political Psychology Association has been part of numerous meetings, conferences and workshops and deals with issues such as ethnicity, group conflicts, traumas, terrorism, victimization, identity, migration and globalization.

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